Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout 1.0

Provides you an excellent Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout
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This layout is reviewed again considering the feedback on existing layout.
The reviewed layout “CRULP Urdu Phonetic” version 1.1 is compatible with Unicode 5.1. The new version is also compatible with Microsoft Vista.

Some new characters have been added which are in Unicode 5.1 but not in the earlier keyboard layout. The new version has three (Base, Shift and AltGr (Right Alt or Alt+Ctrl)) faces.

Basic characters are mostly placed on the same original positions; common diacritics are placed on the Shift layout and some less common diacritics, honorifics and sign are placed on AltGr (Right Alt or Alt+Ctrl) layout.

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